New-Jersey-Female-Thyroid-ImbalancesHealthy Aging Medical Centers in New Jersey use advanced anti-aging therapies that can regulate several different women’s health conditions, and one of the conditions the clinicians specialize in treating are Thyroid Imbalances. Issues with the thyroid gland can occur for many reasons, and because of this, the clinic offers comprehensive consultations that review a woman’s full medical history, blood work, labs, and dietary or exercise habits. After completing the initial consultation, the doctor may order tests for genetic markers that indicate risks for cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, hormone levels, and vitamin D status. The Healthy Aging Female Program uses non-invasive therapies to improve multiple thyroid conditions that cannot be vastly improved with conventional therapies and medications. The staff at Healthy Aging Medical Centers understands that the quality of life is extremely important, and they endeavor to help women accelerate their healing process through therapies such as bioidentical hormone replacement, IV therapies, genetic testing, and the detection of oxidative stress or food allergies. The thyroid gland produces thyroid hormone, which is completely responsible for regulating several aspects of metabolism. The body cannot live without thyroid hormone, which is why it is imperative that thyroid conditions are treated. Some of the actions of thyroid hormone include energy and heat production, extracting energy out of cells, synthesizing fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, and regulating metabolism. When this hormone is either produced in excess or is insufficient in the body, numerous health conditions may be the result. However, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can work to regulate thyroid hormone in a natural way, which can help women overcome the effects of thyroid diseases, such as hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s disease, hyperthyroidism, and Grave’s Disease.


This disorder happens when women produce too little thyroid hormone, which can lead to several health concerns in women. First of all, despite eating small amounts, exercising, or eating healthy foods, women may notice that they are gaining large amounts of weight for no apparent reason. Another issue that can occur is with women’s menstrual periods, which may become very irregular due to hypothyroidism. Women may notice that they have amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, or very light periods, and the interference of low thyroid hormone can disrupt both the menstrual cycle and fertility. Women suffering from hypothyroidism may also experience alopecia, which is hair loss on the scalp. Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy can help women to slow down or eliminate these symptoms and help them recover from the effects of low thyroid hormone.

Hashimoto’s Disease

Hashimoto’s disease is one of the leading causes of low thyroid hormone production, and this disorder is often considered to be an autoimmune disease. In Hashimoto’s, the body literally attacks the thyroid gland, which can make the thyroid gland underactive or overactive. In this disease, however, it usually leads to hypothyroidism. Several factors can trigger Hashimoto’s disease, which may include hormonal imbalances, food allergies, high sugar intake, low vitamin D, or toxicity. One of the key symptoms in Hashimoto’s is goiter, which is an enlargement of the neck. Other symptoms of Hashimoto’s are similar to those of hypothyroidism.

 Other symptoms of hypothyroidism may include:

  • Cold limbs
  • Constipation
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Goiter
  • Low Libido
  • Intolerance To Cold
  • Irregular Periods
  • Weight Loss Resistance
  • Slower Heart Rate
  • Low Blood Pressure


Contrary to hypothyroidism is the condition of hyperthyroidism, which involves an overactive thyroid gland. Usually, women over the age of 50 are most likely to experience the symptoms that occur with an overactive thyroid gland, and one of the most dangerous symptoms of hyperthyroidism is a faster heart rate, which can lead to heart disease. Despite continuing to eat their regular diets, women may also suffer from metabolic changes, such as drastic weight loss, which can give them a bony and gaunt appearance. They may also experience menstrual changes, and periods may become longer, heavier, and more intense than they were previously. As in the case of hypothyroidism, an overactive thyroid gland can also cause women to lose their hair or experience hair thinning.

Grave’s Disease

When the body attacks the thyroid gland and it become overactive, women may encounter Grave’s Disease, which can lead to several similar symptoms that are involved with hyperthyroidism. This disease is more of a risk for women that have gone through menopause and that smoke, and there are several complications of Grave’s Disease. One of the biggest issues that can occur with Grave’s disease is in relation to the heart, and women with Grave’s disease are at a larger risk for heart attacks. The other dangerous complication for women with Grave’s Disease involves ophthalmic changes, which are changes that occur in the eyes. Women may experience exophthalmos, and this can happen when materials build up behind the retina to cause the eyes to bulge out of the sockets. Bioidentical Hormone replacement therapy can help to balance the thyroid gland in order for women to avoid the dangers of hyperthyroidism. Some of the other symptoms of hyperthyroidism that can be improved with Bioidentical hormone therapy may include:

  • Intolerance to Heat
  • Faster Heart Rate
  • Increased Bowel Movements
  • Bulging Eyes
  • Irregular Periods
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Heart Palpitations
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Spontaneous Sweating
  • Dramatic Weight Loss

Healthy Aging Medical Centers in New Jersey offers a concierge medical approach that gives patients unlimited amounts of visits and complete access to the doctor around the clock through text, email, or phone calls. During the first year of treatment, women can feel like they have a personal physician that can help guide them back to health. Women will not be charged for repeat office visits no matter how many times they need to come in. The clinic has used Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and nutritional therapies as a part of the Healthy Aging Female Program to help women regain their health and wellness levels, while reducing the effects of thyroid disorders. Many women have been able to overcome their health related challenges and increase their overall vitality.

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