New-Jersey-Female-Weight-Loss-ResistanceHealthy Aging Medical Centers in New Jersey offers anti-aging programs that include advanced protocols to assist women in shedding unwanted body fat. The clinic’s comprehensive women’s health program focuses on helping women overcome the challenges associated with obesity and weight loss resistance. Many women cannot lose weight because their thyroid hormone is not functioning at optimal levels, or they have low testosterone. For this reason, the doctor will make sure a woman’s hormones are balanced as a part of a woman’s weight loss program. One of the clinic’s most effective therapies in helping women reach their health goals is bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, which can rebalance hormones to promote weight loss. Several women have been able to improve their overall quality of life with Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, which involves the use of hormones that are exact equals to the hormones produced in the human body. Women that are experiencing age related hormone decline have been able to greatly benefit from bioidentical hormones, and this is because hormones most commonly tend to fall out of balance due to menopause or perimenopause, which can contribute to weight gain and weight loss resistance. The clinic also offers customized meal plans that can be delivered to a woman’s home or office and recipes that aid in weight loss. The combination of balancing hormones combined with continued support and meal planning allows women to easily lose weight and overcome weight loss resistance.

Aging & Weight Loss Resistance

During perimenopause, which usually occurs during a woman’s late thirties or early forties, levels of progesterone and estrogen can begin to decline. Usually, during perimenopause, progesterone is the hormone that usually becomes deficient, and because progesterone is a natural diuretic, women begin to suffer from bloating and water retention. Women that have low levels of progesterone often have a sensation of fullness and may potentially suffer from a puffy face or eyes and lower limb edema. Balancing progesterone with bioidentical hormones can reduce the effects of a progesterone insufficiency and help women lose weight.

When women transition into menopause, the effects of estrogen decline may become more apparent, and they may notice that they are putting on more body fat, despite all efforts to get adequate amounts of exercise and eat a nutritious diet. Body fat contains estrogen, and when it declines, the body may hold onto fat in order to conserve estrogen. Women may notice that body fat is accumulating on their hips, breasts, thighs, stomach, and abdomen, which is the body’s attempt to retain normal estrogen levels. When women balance estrogen levels, they may be able to shed body fat because the body no longer needs to try to regulate estrogen. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can allow women to use hormones that match what the body produces in order to allow them to reap the benefits of balanced hormones without experiencing unpleasant side effects.

Bioidentical Hormones & Weight Loss

Because hormones regulate many aspects of metabolism, correcting latent hormonal imbalances cannot only help women to lose weight, but it can help women to prevent obesity related diseases and have more energy. Women that have excess amounts of body fat are at a higher risk for heart disease, estrogen dominance, and Type II Diabetes. Combining a weight loss program with bioidentical hormones can help women to lose weight, increase their confidence levels, and improve their daily amounts of energy.

Because high amounts of body fat contain estrogen, this may increase a woman’s risk for estrogen dominance, which is a condition that occurs when estrogen levels are higher than progesterone. These two hormones must be in proper ratios because they maintain opposite functions from each other. While progesterone inhibits tissue growth, estrogen promotes tissue growth in the breast and uterus. If estrogen levels climb to high, women may have an increased risk for endometriosis, fibrocystic breast disease, uterine fibroids, or uterine cancer. Balancing hormones with bioidentical hormones can help women to lose body fat and potentially prevent estrogen dominance.

Increased amounts of body fat can also raise the risk for heart disease. Excess body fat can lead to build up in the arteries, which can increase the risk for heart attacks. Balancing hormones can help women to reduce body fat and lessen arterial plaque build-up. Another benefit to balanced hormones is that estrogen helps blood to flow more smoothly, which can also reduce the workload on the heart and decrease the risk for heart attacks.

During perimenopause and menopause women may experience increased food cravings for salty or sweet foods due to imbalanced hormones, and because of estrogen and progesterone deficiencies, they may also put on several pounds. Increased amounts of sweet foods can cause the pancreas to pump out high amounts of insulin, which can cause the body to stop recognizing it, and this leads to what is known as insulin resistance. When the body becomes unaffected by insulin, women can develop Type II or adult onset Diabetes. Balancing hormones with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can reduce food cravings, help women to lose weight, and reduce the risk of developing diabetes.

Healthy Aging Medical Centers in New Jersey has helped countless amounts of women to lose weight and conquer hormone related weight loss resistance with specialized weight loss programs. During the first steps of the program, the doctor will focus on hormone optimization, and during the second phase of the program, women have the option of having meals delivered directly to them or using a comprehensive meal planning guide with recipes that they can easily make for themselves. The program also includes guidance from a nutritional coach and ongoing support throughout a woman’s weight loss journey. Women have been able to have more energy, self-confidence, and health after losing weight with Healthy Aging Medical Centers specialized weight loss protocols.

Women that are struggling to lose weight can contact Healthy Aging Medical Centers at 973.435.0433 to learn more about hormone balancing, customized meal plans, and the clinic’s highly effective weight loss programs.