New-Jersey-Melatonin-for-WomenHealthy Aging Medical Centers in New Jersey seeks to help women find balance and health, and their expert clinicians can put together specialized Healthy Aging Female Programs that help women regain their vitality and wellness. The concierge medical model that the clinic follows allows women to have comprehensive care that gives women all inclusive consultations. Initial consultations include a full review of the patient’s blood work, labs, dietary and exercise habits, and medical history. By the end of the consultation, women will know if they need to change their diets, take supplements, or do labs to check for hormonal imbalances. The clinic’s comprehensive anti-aging programs can allow women to overcome the challenges associated with aging and hormone decline with non-invasive, evidence based therapies, which may include bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, IV Vitamin Therapies, Detoxification, Allergy Testing, and Testing for Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies. Women can greatly improve their  quality of life and optimize hormones with the Healthy Aging Female Program.

In women, hormones maintain countless functions, and all hormones are important for sustaining health and wellness. Keeping hormones at healthy levels is no easy task with modern day busy lifestyles, stress, and the effects of aging. However, Healthy Aging Medical Center can help women to replenish deficient or imbalanced hormones. Some of the programs may include bio-identical hormone replacement therapy coupled with nutritional programs, which can help women to prevent age-related diseases and symptoms.

Melatonin is an important hormone in the female body that is secreted by the pineal gland, and it is triggered when the brain senses as reduction in outside light. It works to regulate sleeping and waking cycles, serves as an anti-oxidant, and reduces the chances for developing cancer. Some of the factors that can reduce levels of melatonin include cigarette smoking, alcohol, caffeine, lack of sleep, aging, hormone decline, and stress.

Some of the functions of melatonin include:

  • Setting Sleeping & Waking Cycles
  • Destroying Free Radicals
  • Preventing Breast Cancer
  • Blocks Cancer Causing Estrogens
  • Helps Vitamin D Destroy Tumors

When melatonin levels fall, many of these functions may become impaired, and the clinicians at Healthy Aging Medical Centers in New Jersey can help women to restore melatonin to healthy levels, which can allow melatonin to maintain its specific functions.

Balancing melatonin has other benefits in the female body, which may include:

Improved Sleep

As women age, they may notice that they have increased issues with being able to fall and stay asleep, despite feeling fatigued at the end of the day. This can signify a melatonin imbalance, which is an essential hormone produced in the pineal gland that causes drowsiness when it becomes dark outside. Melatonin is released when the retina senses changes in the lighting outside; however, if a person cannot produce enough melatonin, drowsiness and the ability to sleep may not occur.

Reduced Migraines

Low levels of melatonin can lead to migraines and cluster headaches, which more commonly occur in women going through perimenopause and menopause. Some women may also get these headaches before their menstrual periods. Melatonin is closely tied to other hormones, and imbalances within other hormones can disrupt blood flow and constrict blood vessels, which increase the chances of headaches.

Lower Depression & Anxiety

Melatonin helps women to get adequate amounts of sleep, which can help the body to repair itself and improve the functions of other organs. Women that get enough rest often do not suffer from increased anxiety or depression because sleep helps to balance brain chemistry. Melatonin also helps to remove toxins and free radicals, which can also adversely affect brain chemistry. Women with restored melatonin levels are often able to have healthier brain chemistry and more balanced moods, and balancing melatonin with a bioidentical version can allow the hormone to be easily accepted in the body with minimal to no side effects.

Estrogen Dominance

Melatonin works with the body in the production of estrogen and progesterone. Melatonin is an aromatase inhibitor, which prevents estrogen related cancers and estrogen dominance. Because estrogen and progesterone work together to keep a woman’s body balanced, imbalances in the ratios of these two hormones can lead to estrogen dominance, which is a condition when the functions of estrogen overrun progesterone. Increased amounts of estrogen can also promote tissue growth in the breast and uterus, which can increase the risk for cancer. Healthy melatonin levels can work to keep these two hormones balanced in order to reduce the risk for the development of endometrial, uterine, and breast cancer.

Healthy Aging Medical Centers in New Jersey allows women to optimize their hormone levels and stabilize their melatonin levels, which can help them to prevent breast and uterine cancer, reduce the development of estrogen dominance, and improve sleeping cycles. The clinic does not have a one size fits all approach and offers customized programs to suit individual needs. Women can also enjoy the convenience of having unlimited office visits and full access to the physician through phone calls, texts, or emails. The clinic’s comprehensive women’s Healthy Aging Female Program can be tailored to suit each woman’s unique health conditions, and the clinic’s specialists have helped many New Jersey women to regain optimal levels of health.

Contact Healthy Aging Medical Centers in New Jersey at 973.435.0433 for a consultation to learn more about specialized programs that can help to balance melatonin levels, promote detoxification, and improve sleep.