new-jersey-low-testosterone-mood-imbalances-menHealthy Aging Medical Centers in New Jersey can help men rise above the challenges that present with mood changes. The clinic offers several non-invasive therapies to help men regain their sense of emotional wellbeing and improve overall health and wellness levels. The clinic is a concierge based practice where men can have complete access to the doctor through unlimited office visits, emails, or phone calls. One of the health concerns that the clinic works to help men improve are age related mood changes, which can occur due to reduced hormone levels. Healthy Aging Medical Centers’ comprehensive Healthy Aging Male Program can help patients to learn which hormones they are deficient in and which therapies will best treat their health concerns. The clinicians at Healthy Aging Medical Centers in New Jersey can tailor a Bioidentical hormone prescription that can help men beat the emotional challenges that present with aging and hormone decline.

Mood disorders are a characteristic complaint of hormonal imbalances, and men may notice as they begin to age that they are feeling less like themselves. Typically mood changes begin to occur during andropause, which is a phase of male hormone decline that men tend to experience during the 40’s and 50’s. The mood and character changes can be so drastic that this phase of hormone decline in men is often referred to as “a mid-life crisis”. Men going through this phase often take drastic measures to feel younger or begin to have more strained relationships with their partners because of the chemical changes occurring with andropause. Because numerous hormones play a role in balancing moods and brain chemistry, an imbalance in any one of the body’s important hormones can cause fluctuations in moods and taking part in actions that are typically uncharacteristic of a person’s behavior. Some of the emotions that can become increase and potentially inhibit the quality of life with aging include:


Many people have stressful lives and may experience increased levels of anxiety at different times. Men with elevated anxiety levels may encounter heart palpitations, changes in sleeping patterns, weight loss, or feel overwhelmed. Falling hormone levels can also increase anxiety because the hormones work with neurotransmitters to send messages of calmness throughout the brain. One such hormone that accomplishes this is pregnenolone. This hormone is made in the adrenal glands, and it is a building block of testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone. Pregnenolone works closely with the nervous system to increase feelings of peace and calm.


Another issue that aging men may encounter is depression. Often, as aging occurs, men may feel less motivated, less inclined to get out of bed, be social, or exercise due to depression. Low levels of testosterone can lead to depression because testosterone works to boost energy, motivation, stamina, endurance, and sex drive. Reduced testosterone can affect brain chemistry to the point of feeling apathetic and depressed. Balancing testosterone can allow men to have an increased amount of energy and reduce feelings of depression.


Men may also experience increased levels of irritability while they are going through andropause and male hormone decline. While low levels of testosterone and pregnenolone may lead to irritability, reduced levels of DHEA can also cause increased aggression or moodiness. DHEA is an adrenal hormone that works as a precursor hormone for testosterone and estrogen, and without it, the body cannot produce healthy levels of testosterone. Factors such as stress and aging can eat away at DHEA stores, which can cause brain chemistry to change. DHEA works with a neurotransmitter known as GABA, and this neurotransmitter sends signals of peacefulness throughout the brain. Reduced levels of DHEA can cause the brain to feel less calm and more agitated.

Balancing levels of important hormones with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can help men to reduce anxiety, depression, and irritability and create an overall sense of emotional wellbeing. Bioidentical hormones can help men to naturally balance hormones without producing negative side effects.

Aside from helping men determine hormonal deficiencies, Healthy Aging Medical Centers can also recommend supplements and dietary changes, which can greatly improve poor moods. The clinic also tests for oxidative stress, allergies, and vitamin and mineral deficiencies, all of which can adversely affect moods and emotional changes. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can help men to increase their sense of wellbeing, and it can prevent sex hormone deficiencies that lead to imbalanced moods. Healthy Aging Medical Centers in New Jersey has helped countless men to regain their overall sense of wellness.

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