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West New York New Jersey Heart Smart IMT Specialists offer ultrasound imaging of carotid arteries with Heart Smart IMT in West New York New Jersey.

North New Jersey Heart Smart IMT

Essex County Heart Smart IMT SpecialistHealthy Aging Medical Centers, located in North New Jersey, is pleased to offer patients that may be at risk for cardiovascular disease Heart Smart IMT. Heart disease is one of the most common reasons for death in the United States, and is often undetected by patients before it is too late.

Typically, a heart attack is the first sign of clogged arteries, and close to 25% percent of heart attacks are fatal, especially if the coronary artery is blocked. For this reason, Healthy Aging Medical Centers offers a non-invasive and advanced form of testing for heart disease, known as Heart Smart IMT.

At The Healthy Aging Medical Centers in North New Jersey, Doctor Rand understands the importance of cardiovascular health, and serves patients in Northern New Jersey and the counties of Essex, Bergen, Passaic, Hudson, Middlesex, Somerset and Union New Jersey.

What is Heart Smart IMT?

Essex County Heart Smart IMT is an inexpensive and fast way to test for potential heart disease, and the test takes under ten minutes to perform. The test is an advanced ultrasound that assesses a person’s probability of having heart disease.

The ultrasound measures the of a person’s Intima Media thickness, which are the inner most two layers of an artery. The thickness of these two layers has a strong relation to the development of heart disease.

Measuring the thickness of the artery walls allows the doctor to detect atherosclerosis during its earliest phases. Detecting atherosclerosis can allow patients to make changes or receive medical care that can prevent a heart attack.

Heart Smart IMT in Northern New Jersey also detects plaque build up along the artery walls, which is difficult to see in other tests, such as the Coronary Artery Calcium Score. The ultrasound can determine the nature of the plaque and can see if it is soft or hard.

Softer plaque is more likely to break off from the inner wall of the artery and cause a heart attack or blockage in the artery. It can also separate from the artery wall to cause a stroke, but early detection is the key to prevention.

Healthy Aging Medical Centers in Northern New Jersey can help to save patients lives with Heart Smart IMT. They can develop customized treatment regimens that help patients to improve their heart health and potentially prevent heart disease or strokes.

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