Dr Johanan Rand New Jersey Erectile Dysfunction DoctorNorth New Jersey Erectile Dysfunction Doctor, Johanan D. Rand, M.D. of The Healthy Aging Medical Centers, offers functional medicine and advanced Healthy Aging Male Programs to help men navigate through health challenges related to hormonal imbalances.

Men going through age related hormone decline can benefit from Doctor Rand’s safe and non-invasive therapies, and can receive guidance to take towards greater health and wellness.

The Healthy Aging Medical Center’s premiere therapies includes Natural Male Hormone Replacement Therapies, which can help men suffering from sexual dysfunction to regain balance and reduce hormone related symptoms such as erectile dysfunction.

The Healthy Aging Medical Center serves the areas of Essex County, Bergen County, Passaic County, Hudson County, Union County Middlesex County and Somerset County New Jersey.

One of the most common complaints we receive at our New Jersey clinics are from men around their forties or fifties and beyond, is a decreased desire for sex and the ability to perform. Previously, most men may have assumed that this was just part of getting older or had to be accepted with aging. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can get to the root of the problem and help men to naturally have more desire and an ability to perform.

Andropause and Low Testosterone in Men

The time during which men usually notice issues with erectile dysfunction occurs during andropause, which is the phase of male hormone decline. Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone, and it is secreted in the testicles and partly in the adrenal glands. When the body cannot produce adequate amounts of testosterone during andropause, sexual functions can begin to decline.

Are You Experiencing Low Libido?

  • Loss of interest or attraction to sex
  • Reduction in involuntary morning erections
  • Instances of erectile dysfunction

One of testosterone’s primary functions is the boost libido and help men to be able to perform. Another function of testosterone is to allow for smooth blood flow, and low levels of testosterone can reduce the ability for blood to flow smoothly to the lower regions of the body. This reduce efficacy in blood flow can cause men in New Jersey to have issues in the achieving of erections. Improving testosterone levels can boost the efficiency of blood flow, which can help men to improve overall libido and performance.

At The Healthy Aging Medical Centers in New Jersey, Doctor Rand will fully analyze blood work, discuss dietary and exercise habits, and assess different bodily systems in order to determine the best treatment plan. Testing for genetic markers that raise the risks for cancer, heart disease, and obesity may also be assessed as a part of the patients’ wellness plan.

Other services such as IV vitamin treatments, testing for vitamin and mineral deficiencies or food allergies may also be used to help relieve the effects of sexual dysfunction and improve overall levels of health and wellness. Many men in New Jersey have taken advantage of the clinic’s comprehensive health programs, and they have been able to live happier and healthier lives as a result.

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