essex-county-new-jersey-functional-medicine-specialistsHealthy Aging Medical Centers in New Jersey follows a Functional Medicine approach to helping patients regain health and heal from long-term and chronic ailments. The clinic is a concierge based practice, which serves patients in the Greater New Jersey area and the surrounding cities of West Orange, Woodcliff Lake, Basking Ridge, Cherry Hill, Red Bank, Fort Lee, Princeton and Woodbridge New Jersey. The clinic’s programs enable patients to have comprehensive care and full access to the physician. The initial consultation will involve a review of the patient’s entire medical history, discussing health goals, and deciding which labs are necessary to use for the selection of a treatment protocol. After the initial consultation, patients will know exactly how to optimize their hormones, balance their diets, and reduce vitamin or mineral deficiencies. Both men and women can benefit from the clinic’s safe and non-invasive therapies, and they can receive guidance as to which steps to take towards greater health and wellness. The clinic’s comprehensive Functional Medicine Programs can help patients improve their health, quality of life, and overall vitality.

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine uses the latest advances in medicine and combines them to offer a strong healing modality to patients. The clinic uses Functional Medicine to help patients prevent disease and actively care for their health. This modality of medicine analyzes the patient’s history, lifestyle habits, and current health and follows a set of guidelines that aid the physician in facilitating the patient’s healing from difficult to treat illnesses. The Functional Medicine therapies utilized at the clinic are evidence based and non-invasive, and they have had great success in improving the lives of many men and women. The physicians at Healthy Aging Medical Centers look at the body as a whole, while following a set of Functional Medicine principles that can help patients regain optimal levels of health. Some of the principles of Functional Medicine include:

Individualized Medicine

Each person has a unique genetic make-up or biochemistry, and the physicians at Healthy Aging Medical Centers recognize this and individualize treatment plans. The clinic’s comprehensive programs take each person’s unique genetic markers, allergies, vitamin and nutrient deficiencies, hormone levels, and lifestyles in consideration when developing a treatment plan. Because no two patients are exactly alike, all treatment plans are suited to meet individual needs.

Patient Based Medicine

Practitioners of Functional Medicine offer the highest levels of care to patients on many different levels. At Healthy Aging Medical Centers, the doctors offer their personal number to patients, and they are available around the clock through phone calls, emails, or unlimited office visits. The doctor’s main priority is the patient’s overall health and wellbeing, and the clinic’s physicians have a very high standard of patient care.

Mind Body Medicine

Healthy Aging Medical Centers’ Functional Medicine practitioners understand that in order for a person to be healthy, he or she must be balanced physically, mentally, and emotionally. Often times, emotional reactions or stress can trigger chemical reactions in the body that can lead to health issues over time. For example, high stress can trigger the release of cortisol, which eats away at vitamins and minerals and can break down sex hormones. Health consists of soundness in the body and mind, and the Functional Medicine Practitioners at Healthy Aging Medical Centers understand this concept and work to help patients achieve optimal health on all levels.

Wholeness Approach

Functional Medicine looks at the body as a whole and recognizes that two different symptoms may spring from the same imbalance, despite the fact they are in separate locations in the body. Conventional medicine often sees two different symptoms and treats them separately; however, a functional medicine practitioner will look deeper to discover the root of the problem. For instance, a conventional medicine practitioner may prescribe sleeping medication for insomnia and another medication for low libido, but a functional medicine practitioner will run the appropriate tests to find the root of the issue. In the cases of low libido and insomnia, hormonal imbalances could be the cause, and functional medicine practitioner can recognize the root and simply balance hormones to help patients avoid the use of multiple prescription medications.

System Based Healing

Functional Medicine also looks at the health of different bodily systems and can recognize latent imbalances within these systems. Balancing and optimizing the endocrine, reproductive, respiratory, digestive, immune, and cardiac systems can help patients to prevent and treat numerous diseases. The clinicians at Healthy Aging Medical Centers offer extensive testing as a part of their comprehensive wellness program to identify existing and potential imbalances within the body.

The clinicians at Healthy Aging Medical Centers in New Jersey will fully analyze blood work, discuss dietary and exercise habits, and assess different bodily systems in order to determine the correct treatment plan. Testing for genetic markers that raise the risks for cancer, heart disease, and obesity may also be assessed as a part of the patients’ wellness plan. Other services such as IV vitamin treatments, testing for vitamin and mineral deficiencies or food allergies may also be used to help relieve the effects of an illness and improve overall levels of health and wellness. Numerous women and men in New Jersey and the surrounding areas of West Orange, Woodcliff Lake, Basking Ridge, Cherry Hill, Red Bank, Fort Lee, Princeton and Woodbridge New Jersey have taken advantage of the clinic’s comprehensive health programs, and they have been able to live happier and healthier lives as a result.

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