What Is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative Medicine is the use of one’s own cells to help promote healing and decrease pain. The procedure allows the body’s own mechanism to release growth factors to improve range of motion and quality of life.

Who Is A Candidate For This Procedure?

The ideal recipient is one that wants their body’s own potential as an option to possibly delay and or prevent surgery.

What Are The Ideal Joints To Inject?

  • Problems of the knee including osteoarthritis, meniscal tears, bursitis.
  • Problems of the hip including osteoarthritis, labral tears, bursitis.
  • Problems of the shoulder including osteoarthritis, partial rotator cuff tears, bursitis.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy Procedure

In the procedure, the physician will aspirate tissue to harvest some of your  cells. Because your own cells are used, the procedure is considered to be “autologous point-of-care.” Platelet-rich plasma is obtained from your blood. The combination of these two are injected into the painful joint.

What Can I Expect From the Treatment?

The procedure is performed in the medical office. Most cases of PRP treatments are successful, and avoid the pain, inability, down time, and risk associated with major surgery. There is minimal recovery from the procedure. Patients return to work the following day. There are no sutures required.

When Can I Resume Physical Activity?

The most important part of any regenerative medicine therapy procedure is adhering to your post-procedure restrictions. For this procedure to have the best chance to yield lasting benefits one must:
• Avoid anti-inflammatory medications for two weeks post-procedure
• Rest as much as possible for the first 24 – 48 hours
• Restrict activity to general walking only for 2 – 3 weeks
• After 4 weeks, weightlifting and running are permitted.

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