Healthy Aging Medical Centers in West Orange New Jersey offers customized medical weight loss programs to men and women in West Orange New Jersey and the surrounding areas of Essex County New Jersey.

The clinic’s weight loss programs include advanced protocols to assist patients in shedding unwanted body fat, and these programs focus on helping people overcome the challenges associated with obesity and weight loss resistance with customized health plans that area tailored to help them reach their goals for optimal levels of health.

After patients complete a weight loss program and reach their weight loss goals, the clinic offers continued support by sending information, tips, and recommendations to patients through emails and text messages to help patients throughout every step of their process and keep them on track.

Overcoming Obesity & Achieving Weight Loss

Proper nutrition, eating balanced meals, following an exercise regimen, and balancing hormones is essential to overcoming weight loss resistance and obesity. Diets that are high in sugars and fats produce extra calories that can lead to fat accumulation, high cholesterol, hypertension, elevated triglyceride levels, and insulin resistance, which can raise the risk for obesity related diseases. Many people may feel that they do not have time for regular healthy meals or hope that skipping meals will help them to lose weight. However, not eating regular meals slows metabolism down and causes the body to retain more fat. For this reason, men and women that choose to eat healthy foods at regular intervals often have success in losing weight and keeping it off. Healthy Aging Medical Centers can guide patients towards proper nutrition and help them eat regular meals.

new-jersey-medical-weight-loss-programsExercise is another key factor in helping men and women to keep weight off because it helps the body to burn calories and increases heart health. For patients that want to lose weight, burning more calories than what is consumed is a key element to weight loss. Exercise does not have to be unpleasant or overly strenuous, but it can be an enjoyable form of movement that burns calories and may consist of numerous different activities. Healthy Aging Medical Centers can offer recommendations to patients that want to lose weight and need an exercise regimen.

Hormonal balance is another essential factor to losing weight and keeping it off, and numerous aging men and women may eat right and exercise but still find that they are gaining weight. In women, imbalances in progesterone and estrogen, which occur during menopause and perimenopause are often to blame for weight loss resistance; however, balancing hormones with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy may help women to lose weight and prevent weight loss resistance. In men, low levels of testosterone can reduce metabolism and cause estrogen to increase, which further represses testosterone and causes more body fat to accumulate. Using bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to balance hormones can improve testosterone levels, increase metabolism, and lead to the shedding of unwanted pounds. A bioidentical hormones specialist at Healthy Aging Medical Centers can help patients to determine imbalances and direct them towards the most effective weight loss protocol.

Healthy Aging Medical Center Weight Loss Programs

Healthy Aging Medical Centers’ programs have successfully helped numerous men and women to permanently lose weight and reach their weight loss goals. Patients can access their weight loss programs through email, the web, on the computer, or on a mobile device, and they can access a detailed set of information that may include care instructions, diet guidelines, and exercise recommendations depending on specific needs. In addition to being able to conveniently access information from their weight loss program each day, patients can track their calories and the foods they eat using a food tracker, and they can search a database of 100,000 foods, including foods from their favorite restaurants and popular brands. They can also track their weight, measurements, and body fat using a built in Body Tracker and are able to set a goal weight to track their progress and view a graph of their progress.

Patients also have access to their own private photo gallery where they can store photos to track progress, and no one else can see these photos unless the patient decides to share them. The clinic has set up a secure messaging center so that patients can send a secure message to their provider at any time. The mobile version of the program is compatible with virtually every mobile device so patients can view everything and use all the tracking tools on their phones or tablets.

Healthy Aging Medical Centers in West Orange New Jersey has helped countless amounts of people to lose weight and conquer obesity with their specialized weight loss programs. During the first steps of the program, the doctor will focus on determining the correct weight loss protocol for the individual, and during the second phase of the program, the physician may focus of hormone optimization and nutritional plans. The program includes guidance from a nutritional coach and ongoing support throughout the patient’s weight loss journey. Men and women in West Orange New Jersey and the surrounding areas Essex County New Jersey that have completed the clinic’s weight loss program have been able to experience more energy, self-confidence, and wellness.

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