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Healthy Aging Medical Centers have physicians that are leaders in providing cutting edge medical therapies with a functional regenerative and integrative approach. Custom programs are developed and implemented to prevent disease, restore health and vitality, and allow one to achieve optimum healthy aging. The physicians are well equipped to bring their patients the best in integrative care, and they are passionate about achieving excellent patient outcomes. Services are provided through a “high-touch” programmatic delivery model. The clinic also provides education and treatment to patients through scientifically proven peer-reviewed medical journals.

The clinic’s specialty is the only field of medicine whose objective it to achieve maximum level of independent functioning. The shortcomings of the traditional approach to medicine are that it emphasizes treatment of the symptoms and not the cause of the disease. The clinic has found that through this conventional based medical approach patients would often achieve only temporary improvements of their symptoms. By not addressing the causes, the deterioration of the disease would only progress and their functional decline continued to impact their overall health, which then only led to many other diseases of chronic aging.

In Healthy Aging Medical Centers’ quest to improve the quality of life for patients, many of the physicians are trained in the field of Anti-aging medicine. Over the past several years, the clinic has utilized anti-aging medicine in the management of patients’ total well being through integrating holistic medicine, which focuses on the causes behind the symptoms of disease, into the patient’s treatment plans. The physicians at Healthy Aging Medical Centers will analyze the patient’s symptoms and his or her specific blood work and then identify their particular deficiencies to develop an individualized program. Through proper bio-identical hormone replacements, nutritional and supplement programs, development of appropriate fitness routines and other sustainable lifestyle changes, patients can ultimately achieve optimum healthy aging.

Experience & Expertise

  1. Board certified in anti-aging medicine, regenerative medicine and functional medicine
  2. Certified by Millenium TBI network
  3. Consultant to Elite Health care out of China
  4. Gainswave certified provider
  5. Leading expert in PRP, certified in all PRP procedures using third generation PRP (i.e., joint injections, face, hair, and sexual wellness)
  6. Consultant to retired sports professional organization
  7. Fellow Trained & Certified BR+NAD™ IV Therapy Physician

Johanan D Rand, M.D. understands how to treat and heal the whole person, and over the past 15 years, Dr. Rand has treated numerous patients applying the principles of functional and integrative medicine.  This approach identifies the root cause of ones health issues treating the whole person rather than simply symptoms with a “band-aid” approach.  Traditional model of medicine focuses on a “pill for ill” approach while a integrative medical approach looks for antecedent, mediators and triggers. Dr. Rand is  board certified in Anti-aging medicine, regenerative (platelet rich plasma) and functional medicine.  The clinic offers weight loss programs as well as Intravenous Vitamin Therapy utilizing the latest protocols. Extensive proprietary testing is performed to identify inflammation, oxidation, cardio-metabolic issues as well as hormonal imbalances.  Dr. Johanan D. Rand, M.D.has completed extensive training by Dr. Rouzier, a world leading author and pioneer of Age Management Medicine. He spends numerous hours traveling to conferences around the country educating himself in the science of age management medicine.  He is very involved in webinar courses, as well as educating other doctors interested in the benefits of age management medicine and has conducted many podcast in the field of anti-aging medicine. He is skilled in PRP therapy to address sexual health and is a the number one provider of Gainswave therapy for E.D in the state of NJ.  His is an expert in balancing hormones and is sought after by patients in the tri-state area.  Expertise also include cosmetic procedures such as platelet rich plasma facials and facelifts as well as the O-and P-shots.

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Learn more about functional medicine & the benefits of treatment that addresses the root cause not just the symptoms.
Offering Men and Women a safe & natural way to fight the signs of aging & prevent age related diseases with BHRT.
Dr. Rand offers a wide variety of IV Nutrient treatments for recovery, optimal wellness, vitamin supplementation & more.
Patients can lose weight, improve health, & boost confidence through expert weight loss programs.
Reduce the physical signs of aging & eliminate fine lines and wrinkles with specialized cosmetic services.
Learn about this advanced ultrasound that is a powerful tool for early detection of cardiovascular disease.
Dr. Johanan Rand is committed to helping the residents of North New Jersey and Essex County who are suffering from the debilitating changes that occur after a traumatic brain injury.
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About The Medical Director, 
Founder, Role Model & Practicing Physician

Dr. Johanan Rand is the founder of Healthy Aging Medical Centers, located in NJ. Dr. He  trained at the prestigious Albert Einstein Medical Center in N.Y. and only practices Peer-Review evidence based medicine.

In other words, if he cannot support it with a medical journal or article he will not recommend or prescribe treatment.

Most importantly, he is kind, understanding, and sensitive to his patient’s health needs and concerns.  He is truly a “doctors-doctor” and the preferred choice to see when it comes to health optimization, fitness and nutrition.  

At 54 years old, he is a role model to his patients.  He is a health and fitness expert.  Presently working on his own book titled “It’s not too late to live past 100″, as well as an expert in presenting the “evidence based support” of bio-identical hormones.  He is passionate about the field and truly is against the “pill for ill” band-aid approach.

His enthusiasm and motivation is contagious and he prides himself in making you reach your health goals.  His program will emphasize a total picture including bio-identical hormones, supplements, fitness and nutrition.  A comprehensive plan is initiated after your executive physical examination leaving no room for doubt.

Customized Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine Programs, including:

  • Bioidentical Hormones for Men and Women
  • Advanced Blood Testing for Cardiac/Gut/Thyroid & Adrenal Health/PCOS
  • Fitness and Weight Loss Plans/ Home Training Programs
  • IV Vitamin / Phlebotomy Services
  • Velashape- 3 for body contouring
  • Customized vitamin plans based on cellular testing
  • All PRP procedures
  • Aesthetic Procedures-all fillers and botox/dysport
  • P-Shot- helps improve erection size and strength
  • O-Shot- helps stress incontinence/dryness and orgasm intensity
  • PRP BREAST LIFT- helps improve cleavage appearance
  • PRP WINGING- helps improve vaginal appearance
  • PRP FACIAL- microneedling with PRP
  • PRP FACELIFT- fillers with PRP
  • V02 Max Testing/Heart Smart Testing
  • Genetic Testing and Heavy Metal Testing

Board Certified in Anti-Aging Medicine, Functional Medicine and Regenerative Medicine (PRP). To find specific anti-aging services, please visit one of Dr. Rand’s websites below:




Dr. Rand is very passionate about this field and thrives to be a role model for his patients, through living what he preaches. He enjoys an active and healthy lifestyle, which includes healthy eating, taking high quality supplements, weight and cardio-training, yoga and martial arts. He is on the cutting edge of the latest techniques in this field of medicine, but at the same time relies heavily on well-based research, thus implementing only the safest and most effective methods for his patients. Dr. Rand constantly updates his knowledge through daily reading and research and regularly travels all over the country and the world to attend various seminars and lectures. Through the utilization of his customized and integrative medical programs you will achieve your objective of healthy aging and wellbeing and enjoy the life in your years to come.

To learn more about the programs offered at Healthy Aging Medical Centers in New Jersey call the clinic today at 973.435.0433