New-Jersey-Progesterone-ReplacementHealthy Aging Medical Centers of New Jersey utilize their Healthy Aging Female Programs to help women reduce or eliminate the signs and symptoms of aging. The clinic uses a concierge medical approach, and upon the initial consultation, an anti-aging physician will review a woman’s complete medical history, discuss nutritional and exercise habits, and determine which lab tests are necessary. By the end of the consultation, women will have a clear idea as to which supplements they may need, how to implement important dietary changes, and if they are candidates for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. The clinicians at Healthy Aging Medical Centers in New Jersey take the whole woman’s wellbeing into account when formulating a treatment program, and they offer customized health programs that do not fit a one size fits all approach to medicine. Treatment programs are tailored to fit individual needs, and the clinic’s all inclusive women’s health program can allow women to restore their health and overall vitality.

Anti-Aging and Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy programs can allow women to feel healthier from the inside out, and through the restoration of progesterone, women can reduce several issues that may arise from imbalances within this hormone. Progesterone is one of the most important female sex hormones, and it is made in both the ovaries and the adrenal glands. This hormone has several functions, and the body may not be able to produce adequate amounts of progesterone as they get older or due to other factors. Usually, a woman’s production of progesterone begins to reduce during perimenopause or menopause, and for this reason, many women experience several symptoms of progesterone deficiencies.

Some of the signs of a progesterone imbalance can include:

Irregular Menstrual Periods

Progesterone works with the pituitary gland, estrogen, and other hormones to help women maintain a healthy menstrual cycle. This hormone helps the menstrual cycle to be regular and shed its lining each month in the event that there is no pregnancy. Balanced progesterone can help women to have cycles that come every 28-35 days, and that are consistent in length and flow. Imbalances within progesterone can lead to periods that are shorter or longer, earlier or later, and heavier or lighter. Balancing a woman’s hormonal network with bio-identical progesterone can help them to regulate their periods and improve their overall reproductive health.

Bloating & Water Retention

Progesterone works as a natural diuretic, which helps women to balance their water metabolism and maintain body weight. Low levels of progesterone can cause women to feel bloated, have sluggish bowel movements, and retain high amounts of water. Balancing progesterone with a bioidentical version of it can help women to lose their water weight and have a flatter, tighter abdomen. The clinicians at Healthy Aging Medical Centers can help women to get on an anti-aging program that balances progesterone and improves overall health.


Women must produce healthy amounts of progesterone in order to have regular menstrual cycles and remain fertile. Women with imbalances in progesterone are often unable to conceive, and this is because progesterone governs several aspects of ovulation, menstruation, and fertility. Helping women to balance levels of this vital hormone can regulate menstruation and ovulation, which prepares the body for conception and pregnancy. Bio-identical progesterone can provide women with an exact match of the body’s progesterone, which can allow it to be more easily accepted and activated. This can increase a woman’s chances for fertility and help her to conceive.

Mood Changes

New-Jersey-Progesterone-ReplacementHormones have a large effect on brain chemistry, and progesterone is no exception to this rule. Progesterone works with the neurotransmitters in the brain to transmit feelings of calmness and peace. For this reason, when women begin to experience hormonal changes, depression, anxiety, and irritability are common symptoms. Balancing progesterone with a bio-identical version can help women to balance their brain chemistry and improve their moods. Women that have restored progesterone to healthier levels have been able to improve feelings of wellbeing and calm.

Increased PMS

Because progesterone plays such a large role in menstruation and reproduction, women that have low levels of progesterone run the risk of experiencing increased PMS symptoms. Progesterone affects moods, and it can lead to increased depression or irritability during PMS, and because it is a natural diuretic, women with lower levels can experience more bloating and water retention before their periods. Other symptoms that can occur during PMS due to lower levels of progesterone may include headaches, skin breakouts, fatigue, cramping, and nausea. Women that rebalance their progesterone levels can reduce the symptoms of PMS and enjoy easier, more convenient periods.

Estrogen Dominance

Progesterone works to balance estrogen, and it maintains opposite functions from estrogen. The ratios of these two hormones must stay balanced in order for women to maintain health. Estrogen works to promote cell multiplication in the breast and uterus, which is necessary for the repairing of tissues, but progesterone works to inhibit it. When progesterone levels fall, it can cause estrogen to rise, which can lead to increased tissue growth. Women with higher levels of estrogen than progesterone may develop the condition of estrogen dominance, and side effects of this condition can include endometriosis, fibroids, breast or uterine cancer, and fibrocystic breast disease. Balancing progesterone levels can help women to prevent estrogen dominance and reduce its associated symptoms.

The Healthy Aging Medical Centers in New Jersey can help women to detect imbalances and supplement deficiencies with their expert Healthy Aging Female Programs. The programs are centered on optimizing hormones and boosting nutrition, but they can also include IV Vitamin Treatments, genetic testing for weight related issues, and lab tests for amino acid imbalances. The all inclusive programs also allow women to have unlimited amounts of office visits and full access to their anti-aging physician through calls, emails, or texts during their first year of treatment. Women that utilize the Healthy Aging program can maintain reproductive, mental, and physical health, while leading a higher quality of life.

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