Myths folks- here is evidence based medicine:

Many people inquire about the safety of testosterone as a result of a study that reportedly showed increased risk of heart attack and stroke. “testosterone is not safe and can cause heart attacks.”

My answer is that there have been 40 years of positive studies showing significant health and heart benefits to testosterone treatment.

The negative study published had multiple flaws and biases. All other studies demonstrate protection against heart disease and strokes and improved longevity compared to men not treated with testosterone. This poor study was not a randomized study and was only an observation study and does not prove causation. In randomized controlled studies it demonstrated causation that testosterone protects you and improves your cardiovascular status. This one negative study (observational study not randomized) doesn’t mean we should throw away 40 years of positive studies about the effects of testosterone therapy. Our mind thinks because it’s a recent study we should negate all the other 40 years of positive studies about the health benefits of testosterone therapies. In the interventional trials done on testosterone, which are very well published, there is an overall decreased risk of heart attacks. Low levels have been associated with all cause mortality. Testosterone therapy improves insulin resistance and decreases inflammatory markers, treats ed, and improves lipid panels. It will reduce your body fat and should not be ignored by the cardiovascular world! Normal is not optimal folks!

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